meBooks Improvements for Publishers

We've been busy recently, and have made some changes which will allow you as a publisher with meBooks to more easily monitor your sales via meBooks and affiliates.

Access your sales history

Previously, after the end of each month, we've sent you a statement showing your sales for that month, and the amount of revenue that you've earned.

We've now made these statements available online such that you'll be able to access your full history of sales by logging into your meBooks account with your email address.

If you don't have a meBooks account with your email address as the username, then once you've set one up please let us know, and we'll then link up your sales history with your meBooks account.

In order to view your sales history:

  • login to your meBooks account
  • navigate to "My account"

You'll then find a link to your sales history ("View your sales history") under the "My Sales" heading.

For each month where you've made sales, you be able to view the full statement by clicking the "View Statement" button.

Some notes about the way that your sales history works:

  • statements will only be available where you've actually had sales in a given month
  • any sales made directly by meBooks will be instantly available in your sales history, however sales made via affiliates (such as Amazon) in a given month will not appear until one full week of the next month has passed. This is due to the time it takes to receive the sales data from the affiliates and process it against your account.

Hopefully you will find it helpful in allowing you to more easily track and invoice us for your sales.

Another new feature we've introduced is the ability to predict what the link to your title on meBooks will be, such that you can use it to promote your title on your website or in social media. Previously, we've not been able to tell you what the link to your title will be until we have published it online (for example,

However, this has proved problematic for publishers that want to include the link to their titles on meBooks in publicity materials prior to publication date.

We're happy to announce that, when you know that your title will be published on meBooks in future, you'll be able to use a link in your publicity material based on the ISBN of the eBook.

This link will take the following form:

where the ISBN value is that assigned to your eBook (either from your own range as entered on the eBook submission form, or from meBooks' ISBN range if you ask us to assign one for you).

In case you want to find this link once your title's been published on the meBooks site, then simply visit the product page for your title (e.g. and click on one of the ISBNs listed.

Note that we ask for an ISBN to be assigned to each eBook format, meaning that a given title will normally have two: one for the EPUB version and one for the Kindle mobi version. However links containing either of these ISBNs will resolve to the same product page on the meBooks site.

Note that the form of the ISBN we use is without any dashes or spaces.

Hopefully these improvements described above will help make your experience with meBooks more enjoyable and productive.